Midterm Blog Creative Process and My Top 5, Top 5, Top 5

(I’d like to start off by mentioning my reference to the Drake song “Grammy’s” in my title; I hope you noticed it.)

On a more serious note, for my Midterm blog, I absolutely enjoyed every part of the designing and production process.  From developing my own banner using Pixlr Editor, to choosing the theme and color scheme, to writing and creating the content for the posts; I found it all to be extremely rewarding and fun.  Not to mention, the most important aspect of all: deciding for the concept of my blog to be beauty.  Starting off with the concept, I chose something that I knew would be easy for me to write and demonstrate to others, while also being something that I am enthusiastic about.  After that, the next steps came to me naturally.  The theme was provided by WordPress.com, so I was not tasked with creating my own from scratch, but it did take me a few days to decide on the one I liked most.  I wanted to pick one that was simple, inviting, and girly, but that would also display all of the information I wanted it to.  Color schemes are crucial to blogs/websites, because they should reflect whatever message you intend for your viewers to receive.  The soft pink color expresses the femininity I wanted, while the black and white radiate classiness and sophistication.  Every other aspect of the blog was strategic, so that my audience could easily access all of my posts and pages.  Moving on to the video component of the Midterm, recording a hair tutorial was a last minute decision I made, because I knew trying to film and edit and makeup tutorial would have taken a lot longer.  For the purpose of the project and given how limited the duration of the video was supposed to be, I completed my hair routine the way I normally would; I just filmed it this time around.  Editing appeared to be the most daunting part of the project, but after recording  in 2 hours, boiling it down to around 3 minutes, and then completing the editing in just a few hours (all in the same day), I realized that, evidently, it was not so difficult.  All in all, this project awakened the blogger in me, and I will continue to blog even after this class is over.  Regarding group projects, I am not very fond of them, because I have experienced the group members that “don’t contribute” anything to the project and that is always a terrible situation to be placed in.  With respect to the Hyde, et. al reading, “What is Collaboration Anyway?”, I didn’t realize that so much thought went into the term “collaboration”; especially given the section on the “Criteria for Collaboration”.  It makes complete sense to me that one would take into account the respective parties’ (involved in the collaborating) intention, goals, property, knowledge transfer, identity, scale, accessibility, and equality; but the aspects I did not mention were ones I never thought of.

My Top 5 Favorite Midterm Blogs:


The reason I chose this blog as my number one is because I am also a rap and hip hop fan.  This blog gives me the same vibes that, (with its intended content in the description), the website Hot New Hip Hop gives me.  Although, I think it may have been funnier if the author titled the blog “Pass Me the Aux”, only because that is the vernacular our generation uses when we want to impress people with our exquisite music tastes.  Anyway, I do appreciate the sense of urgency of the “Give Me”, instead of “Pass Me”.  The banner with all the hip hop legends or “Immortals” is appreciated, as well.  I think everyone should visit it because its about music; whether you like hip hop and can enjoy reading about content you know, or you don’t like it.  You may learn something new.


Again, I added this blog to my Top 5 favorites because I enjoy the content.  I consider myself to be an amateur movie buff.  Every moviegoer knows that with films, come the reviews of these films.  Firstly, the video concept the author of this blog decided on, “AFTER THE SHOW”, is genius and I am someone who likes to hear other people’s opinions on films.  Not only is the title of the video catchy, but the title of the blog is what caught my attention in the first place.  The use of the Rutgers “R” in the title was subtle and a nice touch.  Lastly, the white background, yellow-green font, and colorful banner draw the viewers’ eyes to the page and are great!  I think everyone should visit this site because it has the potential to be better than the comments section of a movie trailer on YouTube.


Once again, this blog was chosen because it is one that I would read, even if I was not in this class and aligns with my interests.  For my midterm blog, I chose to do beauty-centered content, as well.  “Ang” focused on makeup and I like that she created a video about inexpensive makeup items (I was thinking about doing this too!)   The lighting in her video in bright, which is appealing and her selfies page shows her makeup looking fierce.  A simple, white background complements the larger content she includes on the pages that display her video/blog post and her selfie images.  I think everyone should visit this blog because it is wonderfully constructed, and I believe all makeup “wearers” can appreciate the content.


Who doesn’t love food and amazing wordplay?  Let me begin by mentioning the author’s wonderful choice of the title.  It is sassy, hilarious, and telling; you know this blog will be about or related to food.  The banner image of thick, Belgian waffles with fruit on it is at the top of the page, and makes me relate the “beginning” of the blog to the “beginning” of the day; which one starts off with breakfast.  Every image of the posts is large and displays extremely detailed shots of the food which the author has tried or created herself.  She even provides recipes, which is kind and convenient.  I think everyone should visit this website because a broad topic (food) was chosen and made into a website that’s fun and interactive.


This is a blog that I can appreciate for the simple fact that it is necessary for college students (and people, in general).  This blog discusses ways to improve “health, fitness, and happiness as a college student”; which are aspects of our young adult lives that tend to get left behind on the journey to graduation.  The theme and color scheme (a dark gray) chosen showcase the images and provide a soothing atmosphere.  Large, clear pictures attached to the posts are appealing and the content provides activities, (with links to websites on the respective topics) that anyone can do!  I think everyone should visit this website because it is extremely relevant, since we’re all in college, and everyone could stand to live a healthier (and happier) lifestyle.


2 thoughts on “Midterm Blog Creative Process and My Top 5, Top 5, Top 5

  1. mollyobrien13 says:

    I really enjoyed your description of your top five blogs. I picked my top five based off the fact that i too liked the content and most likely would be an audience member of these blogs. You gave really good and entertaining descriptions of each blog if I hadn’t looked at the blogs already and needed some more information on finding a blog I wanted to begin following I could defiantly use your post as a good starting point.


  2. alexanderlatouche says:

    Your blog choices were good picks and the reasoning for each was valid. I think the most appealing blogs were the ones that can all be useful to us. You’re midterm blog was really good so all the work and thought you put in definitely paid off , from the video to the design it was very complete.


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