Week 4: Music Podcast and Doctor Strange?

This week’s task was more fun, than work.  I enjoyed creating my own remix of two songs I jam to all of the time.  Never thought they would sound so good together either!  Choosing the songs wasn’t too difficult, because I just stuck to the music I had previously downloaded onto my computer from the Soundcloud website.  I decided on two unknown, but special artists named RyMacc (actually a friend of mine) and Elhae.  Both very talented individuals, who don’t have enough a following; which led me to the idea of calling my podcast “The Talent Hour”.  Hopefully, you guys find the introduction short and sweet, and the music pleasant!

With regard to the video I watched, I chose to view media on RedLetterMedia.com.  The first title that jumped out at me had to do with a review of the film: Marvel’s Doctor Strange.  I do not typically gravitate toward websites such as these, but I may have to make time for them now.  Not only were the two guys hilarious, but I truly loved the editing of the video.  Jay and Mike, the “guys”, referenced scenes from the film that, if you had not seen it or forgotten the details, would have been difficult to picture.  With these references to the film, and several other references to people, news articles, etc., they included voiceovers of themselves on top of snippets and screen clippings.  Another entertaining part about the video was when they brought up how the film tried too hard to be funny, they would use an extremely generic laugh track to emphasize the opposite: that it was not funny.  Additionally, they utilized audio clips from the soundtrack in a portion of the segment on Michael Giacchino (the film’s composer), and sardonic sound effects to mock the film.  There were points in the video where the speakers would make bizarre facial expressions and they would freeze the frame to underscore one of their positions on the film, or just simply, to make the audience laugh at their contorted appearances.  Overall, the video did a good job of not being boring with a topic that could have been perceived as dull: a transparent film review.  Their editing techniques using audio and visual elements made for an unusually amusing video.

Here’s the video, if you would like to check it out:


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