Week 3: Audio Editing in Your Future?

Before talking about the future, I’ll introduce my knowledge of audio editing first.  By no means am I even close to or have ever been an expert in producing or audio engineering.  Although, I do know a little about it.  I have previously mentioned that in high school, I studied Media and Arts, and in the courses I took, created tons of projects.  Two of my favorite projects dealt with audio editing, where I either had to edit a song to fit a video, or create my own song from scratch with the instrumental elements of Garageband.  For the first project, I had to utilize a rap song for a funny video that my friends and I recorded; in which one of them was hit in the back of the head by a crumpled dollar bill flying through the air in slow motion.  With regard to the other project, I had to take various sounds from the pre-loaded instruments on Garageband to be used as the background music on an extremely convoluted assignment, which included audio editing, video recording and editing, etc.  After having learned these skills, I can sadly say that I don’t use much of them anymore, with the exception of video editing and some audio editing for mundane social media content.

editing software
This may not seem advanced, but I do not think I am at this level anymore.
audio and video editing
This is more of my speed.

Knowing that I like to edit audio for fun now, I can see myself in the future continuing to make funny or, simply, amusing videos of my friends and family; just for the heck of it.  Maybe, I would be able to learn more techniques, by taking classes, and become certified to make more professional videos, with edited audio, for people in my social network.  Being that I aim to go to graduate school for Psychology and Cognitive Science, I do not see any use for audio editing in my academics or career.


One thought on “Week 3: Audio Editing in Your Future?

  1. mollyobrien13 says:

    First off, I love the photo you made for your header, it’s very cute, and very well edited! Second off, your experience with editing sounds super fun and makes me defiantly want to learn more about editing myself. I also really like the fact you included images with your post.


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