Week 2: Experience with Editing Images

There is definitely a fine line between those people who edit images with Photoshop or Illustrator, and those people who edit with VSCO or FaceTune on their phones.  Either way, I feel like both types of people have what it takes to make exciting or even, just cool-looking photos with their subsequent applications/software.  You could consider me to be both of these people.  In high school, I chose to be a part of an “Arts Cluster” of classes, where I could take courses such as: Multimedia, TV and Video Production, Advertising and Design, Graphic Arts, Commercial Illustration, etc.  During this time, I learned many editing techniques to create websites, edit images and videos, design advertisements, generate video games (from scratch)/code (a little), and plenty of other skills I have mostly forgotten.  Being artistic all of my life, this seemed to be the “cluster” of classes that fit my aspirations and talents best.  A few projects I worked on in these courses were: developing a video game with an adorable Chibi ninja, designing a website for my class (that got entered into a competition where we won 2nd place in the state), and creating simple CD covers for my favorite artist’s of the time.  In all of these projects, I had to learn how to use Photoshop, Illustration, and InDesign to create my Chibi ninja, make a GIF for my class’ website, and design the CD covers.  I wish my covers looked as cool as these, but I digress.

This image came from the “albumart” folder on my old phone (from high school).
This image came from the “albumart” folder on my old phone (from high school).

With regard to the reading, Coleman, G. “Phreaks, Hackers, and Trolls and the Politics of Transgression and Spectacle.” in The Social Media Reader, I have always thought that hacking was a predominantly illegal thing, because of television, but I realize that it is not… always bad.  It was interesting to learn about all of the diverse ways in which hacking came about; and how it may or may not have started at MIT.  The fact that various media platforms, from “Zines” to party lines/phone-phreaking, to social media of today, were organized as a response to political unpleasantness is amazing.  When reading about the Textfiles, I immediately thought of the message boards and blogs we have now, i.e. Reddit.  The “spectacles” discussed in the reading, especially done by the trolls, are so evident nowadays with groups like Anonymous, posting extraordinarily ignorant people’s information online.


One thought on “Week 2: Experience with Editing Images

  1. Deanna says:

    I really like the images you chose for this. By choosing album art from both the Jonas Brothers and Fall Out Boy (Folie a Deux is actually my favorite album from them) it shows how photoshopped and edited images work their way into our everyday lives in the form of music. I also chose to look at the positive side of hacking that the article talked about. Like you said I was surprised how much of hacking is actually legal.


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