Week 1: Welcome!

mona lisa peace sign

Hey guys, I’m Geri!  Welcome to my class blog for Strategic Presentation.  Hope you enjoy my posts.

P.S. Try to tell me this picture isn’t hilarious.  Just try.


2 thoughts on “Week 1: Welcome!

  1. lanazetch says:

    I thought that your blog had a really nice layout. However, on the submit page there is nowhere to submit. (I don’t know if you are unfinished). I liked how you included a “read more” on the front page and it lead to a picture. And yes, it was hilarious.


  2. mollyobrien13 says:

    I love your blog! The opening page is so sophisticated and warm I am a complete sucker for black and white so your blog is super calm and inviting in my eyes. You choose a really nice bold simple font that is easy to read and I really like the theme that you chose and how organized it it. I really liked the fact that your theme has a home page and you have the read more option. There isn’t much i can say I would change about your blog…but since we have to The only suggestion I would make it to possibly add a few more pictures to your other pages, just so on every page there is some type of image. Great job though!


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